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Kinetic vision training

0.99 usd

It is a kinetic vision training game of the new feeling. Although a screen is simple, it is absorbed rightly. It can play freely using little free time. Since Internet communication does not occur at all in a game, security is also safe. One of two random circle is moving. It is a game which touches the button of a screen to the timing with which two circles overlapped. It is recommended at the inside of a train, or a little recess. It can play in the two modes. - Normal mode You get points and aim at a clear.The point is gained and a clearance is aimed at. If fixed numbers are successful, a level will rise. - Difficulty selection mode As for difficulty, four kinds of easy and normal and difficult and very difficult are prepared. You can train enjoying by changing difficulty according to maturity. Since the speed by which a circle moves is slow when easy and normal is chosen, it is for practice. Please challenge Speed's quick difficult after getting used.
If very difficult is chosen, the timing to which a circle begins to move is random, and changes. And speed rises gradually , so skillful kinetic vision is required.
You can play one hand easily. It is recommended at the inside of a train, or a little recess.
BGM is an original sound source. Size is 200kb. A little memory of Android is consumed. Since graphics are also simple, there is also almost no consumption of a battery.
The Internet does not occur at all. So it can play also at the place which an electric wave does not reach. And there is no danger, such as personal information disclosure. Security is also safe. It is a game of a higher rank in puzzle ranking in AndroidMarcket of Japan.If you have a question about application, etc., please give me an inquiry by e-mail.